Welcome to the Southern Indiana Rifle and Pistol Club. We operate an Outdoor and Indoor range and host clinics, NRA, and CMP sanctioned matches. You are not required to be a member to participate in events at the outdoor range or our clinics.   Look around and Contact Us if you you would like more information.

We have our annual Hangover Classic rifle match scheduled for  Sunday January 1, 2017.

It will be a 30 round format, with 5 sighters, 10 rounds prone slow fire, 10 rounds prone rapid fire, and 10 rounds offhand.  There will be separate classifications for iron and optically sighted firearms. We have M1 Garands to loan and ammo to purchase for folks that are interested.  Contact George Eberhardt for more information and to pre-register.  Email George Eberhardt

Outdoor Rifle Range:  Here you see an overhead view of our outdoor 200 yard rifle and pistol range. The 2 white horizontal lines are sidewalks out to 100 yards for small bore rifle targets, and the 2 vertical stripes are the 25 and 50 yard target lines for pistol matches.  The trail at the lower portion of the picture goes to the 200 yard target berms and the bunker where the target inserts are stored. The small rectangle at the lower right corner is the cover over 5 concrete benches.

Come on out and shoot a match with us, or contact the webguy for a personal tour. Contact Us


Below you see through the covered benches down to the target area.  That is what the 200 yard target number boards look like with no magnification.


Here are the new target frames and number boards.


This is a picture showing an up-range view from the 25 yard line, clearly showing the turning target holders.  We currently have 12 turning target holders, with an option to add 2 more in a pinch.

Here is a bird’s eye view of the pistol range looking towards the turning target mounts at 25 yards and the stationary line at 50 yards.


Here is a link to an aerial video tour of the main part of our outdoor range.   Range Video

Come on by and see us some time   Contact Us