2016 Kentucky & Indiana State High Power Rifle Championship

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This event has passed.

The KY and IN State High Power Rifle Championship matches have been rescheduled, AGAIN!!

The new date is Saturday October 22.

Registration will open at 8:15 and close at 8:30.

We will squad at 8:35, close the pits at 8:45, and plan for first round down range at 9:00.

Again, we will shoot at least 3 relays.

80 round RMC

Matches will be fired simultaneously.

Competitors MUST be a current resident of their particular state and MUST be a current member of their particular State
Rifle & Pistol Association to be declared the State Champion or to win awards.
Non-members and out of state competitors will fire for score only.

Current Range Capacity is 50 shooters.

Advance entries will be given preference.

Payment in cash, check, or NRA award points will be accepted.

Email webguy@sirapc.com Cell Phone 502-558-1043.

Official sunrise is 0750.

Assemble at the pits at 7:50 AM to prepare targets.

Match Director reserves the right to make changes to this bulletin as necessary.


Open to all shooters. NRA membership is not required.


Current NRA High Power Rifle rules will apply. Competitors will be required to work pits and score targets.
Use of the plug type scoring gauge will be restricted to the Pit Officer only.



SIRAPC Members – $20, Nonmembers – $25 Juniors $10


Service Rifle, Rule 3.1, Match Rifle, rule 3.3, or Tactical Rifle, rule 3.3.2.

Tactical Rifle shooters will be placed in a separate class


Any safe ammunition, NRA Rule 3.17


A fee of $1.00 will be charged for any challenge, refundable if allowed.


NRA Classification system will be used.

Classification Card, temporary score book,

or an assigned classification is acceptable.

If five or more unclassified shooters compete, they will be placed in a separate class, otherwise they will compete in the Master class.

Unclassified shooters must be sponsored by a classified shooter or have completed an approved training clinic.


Cash for Match Winner in each match.

If there are less than five shooters in a class they will be grouped with another class except for High Master/Master.
If there are less than five High Master/Masters, they will compete for Match Winner only.

A shooter may win only one award per match.


Course of fire:

RMC match – 80 Shot Course with sighters

Match 1 – 200 yards Slow Fire Standing – 20 rounds with 2 sighters in 22 min.,
SR target

Match 2 – 200 yards Rapid Fire Sitting or Kneeling – (2) 10 round strings, 60 seconds per string. 2 sighters,
SR Target

Match 3 – 300 yards Rapid Fire Prone – (2) 10 round strings, 70 seconds per string.
2 sighters, SR-3 target

Match 4 – 500 yards Slow Fire Prone – 20 rounds in 22 minutes with 2- sighters
MR-65 target

Match 5 – Aggregate of Matches 1, 2, 3, and 4

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