Our NRA/CMP  High Power Service Rifle program includes the NRA/CMP match courses.  The most popular is the 88 shot across the course. There are other courses of fire that will be offered. Examples: will be the 30 shot President’s 100 and a 50-shot match.
Equipment: Service rifle of the AR 15, M1A, or M1 Garand, usually National Match style rifles. Please talk to one of our match directors before buying equipment or come out to a match and see what equipment is legal. A shooting mat, and spotting scope is also handy. Questions please contact the match director.
Match Director: George Eberhardt 502-724-8970 ebbie5313@gail.com

 *****Southern Indiana Rifle and Pistol club is hosting a sanctioned CMP Highpower Rifle NON EIC Nation Match

When: July 11th, 2020

Where: Southern Indiana Rifle and Pistol Clubs Outdoor Range Near Borden Indiana.

Time: 0730

Rifles allowed:  AR 15, M1A, M1 Garand, and Match rifle.  See rules 4.1.1 through 4.1.5.  Two categories, Service rifle and Alternative rifle. Reference the CMP Highpower rulebook.  Link


Course of fire: 10 shots offhand in 10 minutes at 200 yards, 10 shots rapid with a magazine/clip change sitting/kneeling in 60 seconds at 200 yards, 10 shots rapid with a magazine/clip change in 70 seconds at 300 yards, and 20 shots prone in 20 minutes.  With this being a NON EIC match you will get 2 sighting shots in 2 minutes for each stage and will start rapid fire in position.  Scores will go toward your CMP Classification.

I am incorporating our club’s changes for all CMP/Highpower matches and each match will be limited to 20 people due to the state and CMP regulations.  We will use every other target and only have 5 people in the pits at one time.  Shooters will shoot from their respective firing point and scorers will be down off the mound.  The match will be limited to 4 relays, 20 shooters.  If we have 4 relays, one relay will be in the pits a second one shooting and a third scoring.  The fourth relay will stand away from the firing line and maintain the social distancing.

Cost: $15 per shooter, $5 for youth under 18 when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Preregistration is required and the match is limited to 20 shooters. Registration will open July 1st and close July 9th.  Please do not try and register before July 1st.

Please register by email with:

George Eberhardt



Questions feel free to contact me.