Our CMP  High Power Service Rifle program includes the CMP match courses.  There are other courses of fire that will be offered. Examples: will be the 30 shot President’s 100 and a 50-shot National match.

Equipment: Service rifle of the AR 15, M1A, or M1 Garand, usually National Match style rifles. Please talk to one of our match directors before buying equipment or come out to a match and see what equipment is legal. A shooting mat, and spotting scope is also handy. Questions please contact the match director.
Match Director: George Eberhardt 502-724-8970 ebbie5313@gail.com

Rifles allowed:  AR 15, M1A, M1 Garand, and Match rifle.  See rules 4.1.1 through 4.1.5.  Two categories, Service rifle and Alternative rifle. Reference the CMP Highpower rulebook.  Link

Go to the CMP website, compete, competition rulebooks and use the 2023 rule book.  It has all the corrections in it. 

UPCOMING 2023 CMP Service Rifle Matches (All Match Dates Subject to Change): March 11, April 8, May 13, June 10, July 8, August 12, October 21

Match Contact: George Eberhardt, ebbie5313@gmail.com, 502-724-8970

2023 Match Results

CMP Highpower Rifle 3/11/2023 Borden, IN
Name Rifle SF Standing (200 yards) RF Sitting (200 yards) RF Prone (300 yards) SF Prone (500 yards) Aggregate Total
Jeannie Redicker AR-15 88-0X 97-1X 94-0X 185-5x 464-6X
Paul Cain AR-15 88-2X 94-2X 86-0X 183-4X 451-8X
Chris Jennings AR-15 96-5X 77-2X 94-3X 178-4X 445-14X
Jerry St. John AR-15 79-0X 91-0X 89-0X 179-3X 438-3X
David Graham AR-15 89-1X 92-3X 88-0X 167-1X 436-5X
David Harrison AR-15 82-0X 91-1X 91-1X 171-3X 435-5X
George Eberhardt AR-15 74-0X 96-0X 93-1X 169-2X 432-3X
Andrew Rudd AR-15 87-0X 94-3X 88-1X 158-2X 427-6X
Bill Balda AR-15 72-0X 81-1X 89-1X 178-3X 420-5X
Mike Smith AR-15 80-0X 89-2X 86-0X 160-1X 415-3X
Jacob Chambers AR-15 85-2 90-0X 89-1X 150-1X 414-4X
Nathan Hockgeiger AR-15 67-0X 84-0X 89-1X 161-5X 401-6X
John Hamilton AR-15 86-1X 94-3X 82-0X 138-2X 400-6X
Donnie Abbott AR-15 64-0X 76-1X 84-1X 146-0X 370-2X
Ty Smith M1 Garand 62-0X 85-0X 86-1X 124-3X 357-4
Gabe Martinez AR-15 71-1X 76-0X 82-0X 110-2X 339-3
Cole Chambers AR-15 72-0X 67-0X 66-0X 87-0X 292-0x
Chuck Probus AR-15 19-0X 77-2X 60-0X DNF 156-2X