Welcome to the Southern Indiana Rifle and Pistol Club. We operate an outdoor and indoor range and host clinics, and NRA, and CMP-sanctioned matches. You are not required to be a club member to participate in sanctioned match events at the indoor or outdoor range or our clinics.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a small creek between the road and the outdoor range. After heavy rains it can occasionally become impassable. Proceed with caution at all times, and click the button below to see the latest creek condition recorded.

Check the Creek Water Level

News Alerts & Updates

11/29/2023: The outdoor range is now reopen, and club members may resume use of the facilities. Thank you for your patience!


7/10/23: If the porta-john service person shows up at the gate and cannot open the lock, please let him in, and as a courtesy to the driver, all members are to initiate a cease fire while the truck is cleaning the toilet. This generally takes 10-15 minutes to complete.
5/20/23: Range grass will be mowed every Tuesday at 4pm until further notice (weather permitting). If it rains Tuesday, the makeup mowing day will be Thursday starting at 4 pm. This will be done automatically. Mowing takes priority over all shooting. If he shows up to cut the grass all shooting is to end without exception.
4/19/23: New rocks have been added to the creek
bed, making crossing easier. Thank you to Donnie Abbott and all who helped with this. See photos HERE and HERE. Please still exercise caution when crossing, especially after precipitation.
3/29/23: The combination to the outdoor range has been changed. The new combination is on your 2023 membership card. You must have your membership card on you when on club property.
3/30/23: Trash and range debris was left at the range AGAIN. Any member found responsible for leaving trash or not picking up after themselves will be brought before the board for disciplinary action up to and including potential membership revocation. No exceptions, no excuses.
REMINDER: Per club rules, you are allowed to bring one guest at a time per member. Guest may only attend once then they must join the club to attend when they like.
NOTE: The backing board in the pit area with the magnets and wires on it is for people with electronic targets ONLY. It is not to be used to staple targets on. Anyone caught doing that will be brought before the board for disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the club.
NOTICE: The indoor pistol matches will begin at 5:30pm on the first Wednesday of each month so that the monthly meeting can begin promptly at 7pm
ALWAYS check the website calendar before going to either range just before you head that way.
Hearing and Eye protection is a mandatory rule at all our club ranges.
When using the range, you are required to take ALL trash home with you, NO exceptions.
Purposely destroying club property is considered vandalism and will not be tolerated. If you see someone doing this, please report them. It is getting to the point where cameras may be installed. If we catch you, you will be brought before the board for possible loss of membership and the cost of the damages.
Reminders: DO NOT drive in the fields, stay on the roads. NO centerfire rifles are to be shot on the pistol side. Rimfire rifles are OK. Do not hang targets on the number boards, take everything home with you brought in including target stands. Please pickup your shotgun/rifle cases if they land outside the bench area, cases are hard on mower blades.
The following are the rules for any steel targets at the outdoor range. They were adopted in February 2018 and published in that month’s newsletter. These rules apply to all. No exceptions.
All Distances Are From The Rifle Benches.
25 Yards: .22lr, 9mm, .380, .32, .40sw, .45acp
50 Yards: 357 Mag, .38+P, .45 Colt, .44spl, .44 Mag, .10mm
100 Yards: .22 Mag, .223/5.56mm, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 Spc, 5.7×28, .308/7.62×54, .30-30, 7.62×39, .243, .45-70, .204 Ruger
200 Yards: .308 Lr, .30-06, .270 Wim, .22-250
300 Yards: 300 Win Mag, 300 Norma, >338, .50 Bmg
Shotgun Distance From Rifle Benches:
15 Yards: Lead Bird Shot
50 Yards: 00 Lead Buck
100 Yards: Lead Slug

All annual memberships

expire on December 31 of each year.





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