Welcome to the Southern Indiana Rifle and Pistol Club. We operate an Outdoor and Indoor range and host clinics, and NRA, and CMP sanctioned matches. You are not required to be a club member to participate in events at the indoor or outdoor range or our clinics.

**********$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  The outdoor range will be Mowed next Tuesday afternoon July 7th beginning at 5 PM.  Please have your shooting completed at that time.  The range will close for the rest of the evening.  Please note that going forward the Outdoor Range will be mowed every Tuesday evening, weather permitting, from 5 PM till dark and the Range will be closed.  As we all know the weather can spoil the best made plans so check the website right before you travel to the Range for last minute updates. Thank you.   $$$$$$$$$$*****************


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Starting June 1st the club will resume a semi normal operation. We use the term semi normal because we need to follow the rules and recommendations on gatherings and social distancing. Furthermore we encourage the use of face masks. The health and safety of each member is our main goal. In addition, the last thing we need is for the club to be mentioned in the newspapers as the source of an outbreak of Covid 19


At the Indoor Range we will put 5 shooters on the line per relay and thus achieve sufficient distance. We will rotate shooters on/off the line till everybody has had the opportunity to shoot. For the Outdoor Range the match directors have already revised, or will revise in the near future, the format to provide the safest environment while observing social distancing. If you have questions please contact the match director for the event you plan to attend.


For the Executive Committee,


Ron Bekebrede



You are reminded to always check the Web Site home page alert area (in red) BEFORE going to the outdoor range.

The outdoor range is now open to shooting.


The outdoor Pistol state championship match Scheduled for May 16th has been CANCELED and rescheduled for September 26th.  All indoor shooting for May has been canceled and only shooting by members is allowed at the outdoor range as long as everyone follows the social distancing and CDC procedures.  No matches scheduled for the outdoor range.  Questions call Don Copple at 502-594-1742


The following are the rules for any steel targets at the outdoor range.  They were adopted at the February 7th meeting in 2018 and published in that month’s newsletter.  They are currently being reviewed but until a change is posted these apply to all.  NO exceptions.

25 yards min. distance from the rifle benches, .22LR, 9mm, .380, .32, .40SW, .45ACP

50 yards min. distance from the rifle benches, 357 mag, .38+p, .45 Colt, .44 Spl, .44 mag, .10mm

100 yards min. distance from the rifle benches, 100 yards, .22 mag, .223/5.56mm, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC, 5.7X28, .308/7.62X54, .30-30, 7.62X39, .243, .45-70, .204 Ruger

200 yards min. distance from the rifle benches, .308 LR, .30-06, .270 Wim, .22-250

300 yards min distance from the rifle benches, 300 Win Mag, 300 Norma, >338, .50 BMG

Shotgun distance from rifle benches:

Lead bird shot- 15 yards

00 lead buck- 50 yards

Lead slug -100 yards


All annual memberships expire on December 31 of each year.





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