Match Contact: Drew Rudd – or 502.287.2561

Our winter CMP Rimfire Sporter matches are shot indoors at our Georgtown, IN range. These matches, shot in a variety of positions with a 22LR rifle are a great way to learn about competitive shooting. We especially encourage youth to come shoot.

Where: SIRAPC Indoor Range located on the property of Indian Creek Shooting Center. Range address is 5950 Gun Club Road NE Georgetown, IN 47122

Cost: 10.00 for SIRAPC members, 15.00 for non-members, and 5.00 for Juniors. Please have correct change.

Equipment: Eye and Hearing protection are mandatory. Three classes: open sights, optics (under 6X) and tactical/unlimited. Rifles weight limited to 7.5 lbs. with sights and a trigger pull of 3lbs+.

Rules: The official Rimfire Sporter Rules are published in the CMP Rimfire Guide.

2023/2024 CMP Games Match Schedule (All Match Dates Subject to Change): November 4, December 2, January 6, February 3, March 2.

Click Here For Past Rimfire Sporter Match Results

Southern Indiana Rifle & Pistol Club Rimfire Sporter Match 11/04/23 Georgetown, IN
Name Class Prone SF Prone RF Seated SF Seated RF Standing SF Standing RF
Total Score
Ashton Smith T-Class 100-7X 100-5X 93-0X 94-2X 98-5X 99-5X 584-24X
Mike Smith T-Class 100-4X 91-0X 90-0X 91-3X 96-5X 99-3X 567-15X
Barry McKim T-Class 97-0X 78-2X 92-2X 91-5X 96-1X 93-0X 547-13X
Jerry St. John T-Class 99-5X 93-2X 96-2X 90-2X 96-0X 92-0X 566-10X
Donnie Abbott T-Class 96-2X 87-0X 91-1X 89-1X 96-4X 95-3X 554-12X
David Harrison T-Class 85-1X 91-1X 88-1X 88-0X 95-1X 89-2X 536-11X
Jameson French T-Class 98-4X 58-0X 89-0X 78-1X 91-1X 86-1X 500-8X
Jameson French T-Class 87-0X 76-0X 82-0X 60-1X 80-1X 53-0X 438-11X
Mike Korff Tactical 99-5X 96-3X 93-2X 85-2X 90-1X 88-0X 551-3X
Jerry St. John O-Class 96-4X 86-0X 94-3X 91-1X 94-2X 95-2X 556-1X
Donnie Abbott O-Class 90-2X 78-0X 84-0X 87-2X 94-1X 93-3X 526-0X
Chris Wieck O-Class 79-0X 55-0X 78-0X 62-0X 92-1X 96-2X 462-6X
Riley Grable O-Class 41-0X 59-0X 54-0X 51-0X 67-0X 83-1X 355-7X
Chris Grable O-Class 72-0X 40-0X 63-0X 36-0X 80-0X 66-0X 357-2X