SIRAPC prone Smallbore rifle (.22 Caliber)  Program

Ted Carr is the match director for the program and the club hosts several indoor and outdoor matches throughout the year. The matches are shot indoor (winter months) at distances of 50 feet and outdoor (weather permitting) at distances of 50 yards/meters, and/or 100 yards. Section 7 of the Smallbore Rifle Rule Book discusses all courses of fire recognized by NRA, while section 17 covers all courses of fire recognized for national records. The course of fire for the matches consists of several stages. See below:

To participate in the match a person needs a safe .22 rifle  – The rifle authorized for use in smallbore rifle matches is the .22 caliber rimfire chambered for cartridges commer- cially catalogued as the .22 Short, .22 Long, or .22 Long Rifle car tridges. There are no restrictions on the barrel length or overall weight of the rifle and accessories. No portion of the rifle or any attachment to the rifle shall extend more than 3 inches beyond the rear of the shoot- er’s shoulder. The trigger pull must be capable of lifting 3 pounds. The same rifle must be used throughout all stages of any one match (except aggregate) except in the case of a malfunction or disabled rifle, when the competitor may change rifles with permission of the Chief Range Officer.

Smallbore Prone Rifle 4/22/23
Competitor Score
Ted Carr 1597-123X
Tom Alves 1561-59X
Drew Rudd 1552-63X
Smallbore Prone Rifle 3/11/23
Competitor Score
Ted Carr 588-42X
Tom Alves 574-33X
Smallbore Prone Rifle 2/11/23
Competitor Score
Ted Carr 587-38X
Jamie Piotrowski 583-40X
Tom Alves 570-22X
Jeannie Redicker 555-21X
Bill Balda 555-17X
Logan Hall 548-15X
Phillip Reel 543-15X
Gabe Martinez 540-10X
Hunter Conrad 524-14X
Mike Smith 515-9X
Smallbore Prone Rifle 1/14/23
Competitor Score
Ted Carr 591-51X
Jeannie Redicker 574-26X
Bill Balda 568-27X
Drew Rudd 551-17X
Avi McKim 532-12X
Gabe Martinez 531-11X
Logan Hall 529-11X
Hunter Conrad 515-11X