Our indoor range is located on Gun Club Rd in Georgetown, IN. Our monthly meetings as well as other activities are held there. The range is open on Wed and Friday evenings for plinking and indoor matches consisting the National Match Course. The 50 ft National Match Course NMC consists of 10 shots slow fire in 10 minutes, 10 shots in 2 strings of 5 shots each in 20 seconds with turning targets and 10 shots in 2 strings of 5 shots each in 10 seconds turning target. The indoor Wed night firing is not done during the summer months because the pistol team practices at the outdoor range on the 2nd and 4th Wed of the month, 4pm till dark.


Our outdoor range is located on Hwy 62 about 2 miles south of Borden, IN. You will need to be a member in order to be issued the combination to the range entrance lock. The range is open to the club membership anytime there is not an organized practice, similar to the one described above by the rifle or pistol team.


Our outdoor range matches are fired on the last Saturday of the month from 9 am till about 2pm April thru Sep. The only exception is the month of May when the Ky State Outdoor Pistol Championship is fired on the Sat before Memorial Day. The match consists of a total of 270 rounds. 90 rounds each for .22 cal, centerfire (.32 to .45 cal) and the .45 cal match. The 90 rounds match is the same as 3 National Match Courses as described above with slight changes. The slow fire portion is fired at 50 yd targets and the remaining shots are firing at a 25 yd turning target utilizing a 20 second and 10 second face time. The charge for the outdoor matches is $20 for club members and $25 for guests.


Our indoor matches at the Georgetown location run from Oct-Mar on the 3rd Sat of the month. We do not have an indoor match in Nov. The cost of the match is $22 for everyone. The match consists of 90 rds .22 cal and 90 rds center fire (.32 to .45 cal) in various combinations as described above.


Any additional questions about our pistol matches, please feel free to contact me at cell 270-766-7815 or taxmanky@comcast.net

Pistol Match Director David Richardson

2020 Indiana State

Indoor 1800 Pistol Championship

With .22 Only Match

An NRA Registered Tournament

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Hosted By:

Indiana State Rifle & Pistol Association

LOCATION: Muncie Rifle and Pistol Club

Elkhart Rifle and Pistol Club

Southern Indiana Rifle and Pistol Club



  • Southern Indiana o Dave Richards—(270)766-7815- taxmanky@comcast.net 5950 Gun Club Road NE, Georgetown, In 47122.

pistol Results for 09/07/2019 click here and click below for Oct. 19 results,



june27 pistol



2020 NRA Approved “2700” Pistol Match Program


 Saturdays, April 25—June 27—-July 25–August 29—-September 26

Special Note:  Ky State Outdoor Championship Saturday May 16, 2020


Competition Open To:  All Competitors, Anticipated less than 22.


Time:  All Firing begins at 9:00 AM EDT or as soon as all scheduled shooters have arrived.


Entries:  Limited to 22 competitors, 1 Relay.  Preference given to “Shoot The Works” entries


Facilities:  22 point covered, concrete firing line, turning targets, automatic timing system.  NO ELECTRICITY or RUNNING WATER on the range.  Competitors are encouraged to bring their own lunch and drinks since the time & distance to the nearest restaurant or snack shop are not practical during the lunch break. During some of the matches, the sponsor will provide a hot lunch for purchase.  Pre-registered competitors will be squaded and  notified by e-mail.


Range Location:  The SIRPC outdoor rifle & pistol range is located at GPS coordinates 17920 State Rd #60, Borden IN, 7 miles north of Louisville.  From I-65, take exit #7, onto Hwy #60 going west.  Approximately 5 miles Hwy 60 merges with Hwy 111 at the railroad tracks.  Turn right continuing on Hwy 60 north toward Borden, IN.  The range entrance is 6.2 miles from this point.  Traveling north on Hwy 60, as you get near the entrance, the Hoosier Hills Golf Course & Sports Bar will be on the right.  The SIRPC sign is on the right, in a right hand curve, just past a red barn and white farm house.   If you are in a low vehicle and don’t wish to cross the creek, park off to the side of the road in the grass.  An SIRPC member will be glad to transport you the remaining half-mile. Final transport will depart the creek crossing 30 minutes before start time. Do not attempt to cross the creek if you cannot see the bottom of the creek all the way across.  Traveling south on Hwy #60, the range entrance is 2.5 miles on the left from the only Borden IN traffic light.


Rules:  Current NRA Pistol Rules to include ECI (Empty Chamber Indicators) must be used.  Club will furnish ECI if necessary.    Challenge fee is $2.  If challenge is sustained, fee will be returned.  A three-person jury system will be used for challenges.  Use of scoring devices other than overlays is restricted to range personnel.  Statistical challenges must be made within 6 hours after e-mail notification.  Eye & ear protection required.  NRA B-6 (50 yd) & NRA B-8 (25 yd) targets will be used.


Scoring:  Competitors will score targets as directed by Chief Range Officer & repair their own target.   Competitors will be responsible for signing and returning their own scorecards to the Statistical Officer.


Match Fees:  “Shoot The Works” for $25 ($20 SIRPC club members) or $10 per gun.  16 Individual matches are $2 each plus NRA registration fee of $4.50.  Junior shooters are one half the normal charge for matches chosen.


Classification & Awards:  The NRA classification system must be used in all matches.  Temporary scorebook or previous match bulletin is acceptable.  Unclassified shooters will fire in the Master Class.  Classes with less than 4 competitors will be moved to the next higher class until that class has at least 4 competitors.  Masters & High Masters will compete for open (winner) awards only if there is less than 4 in that class.  The high scoring competitor in each match from all classes will be declared the winner and will not be considered for additional class awards.


Advanced Entries:  Mail entry info to Dave Richardson, 101 Cecilianna Dr, Elizabethtown, KY 42701-8914, E-mail  TAXMANKY@COMCAST.NET or phone Hm 270-763-9094 Cell 270-766-7815.  Pay at range only.


Program:  Normal NRA “2700” to include 90 rounds each for the .22, CF & .45 Cal matches.


Notice:  Management reserves the right to alter the match schedule in accordance with weather or range conditions.