The outdoor range is located at: 17908 State Road 60
Borden, IN 47106 United States.  This is a view from the 300 yard line during a CMP Vintage Sniper match.

There is a creek to cross.  It is usually very shallow, in the neighborhood of 4-6 inches deep, but it can rise quickly during a heavy rain event.  If you cannot see the bottom all of the way across, you should carefully consider NOT trying to cross.  Latest dated picture on home page.

Use careful judgment before crossing!

Outdoor Range Rules:

General range rules: Safety…Safety…Safety!

Range Overview

The outdoor range is located at 17908 IN-60 Borden, IN in Clark County Indiana. To access the range one must cross a rock bottomed creek and drive down a hard bottomed farm road along with crossing an inactive railroad track before arriving at the range. The creek is often impassible after a heavy rain.  Members should always err on the side of caution when crossing the creek.  Access to the range is controlled by a cable barrier secured with a combination lock.  The range hosts uncovered firing points at 200, 300, and 500 yards with a military style target pit.  There are also covered benches at the 200-yard firing line. Adjacent the covered benches are the pistol firing points with 20 firing points although the last 10 points are reserved for sanctioned pistol matches only. The pistol line is also used for the club’s smallbore rifle matches held throughout the Summer.

Range hours are sunup to sundown, no shooting after dark.


The Club’s indoor range and meeting room is located on the premises of Indian Creek Shooting Center at 5950 Gun Club Rd NE, Georgetown, IN 47122.  The indoor range hosts a 50 foot pistol and rimfire rifle range that is also convertible to 10 meter air rifle competition.  The Club Hosts indoor practice matches as well as some novelty matches every Wednesday and Friday for club members.  Several sanctioned matches such as bullseye pistol, CMP rimfire sporter, and Smallbore prone competitions.  This range is also the home to our junior rifle team who currently have a sporter and precision 3-position air rifle program as well as a 3-postion small bore program.

Range Safety

Member safety is SIR&PC’s priority.  Failure to follow the safety rules may result in reprimand up to discharge from the club depending on the severity of the offense regardless of an injury results from the rules infraction.

Safety Rules:

  1. Eye and Ear protection are required all times while on the firing line.
  2. No Alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs or sedating prescription medications are allowed on the range.
  3. All firearms entering the range must be unloaded and properly cased or have a visible empty chamber indicator.
  4. SIR&PC utilizes a cold range:
    1. All firing points (Rifle berm, benches, and pistol line) must be coordinated before declaring a hot range and coordinated before declaring a cease fire.
    2. When the firing line is declared safe during a cease fire no one my handle any firearm on the range.
  5. All juniors under 21 years of age must be accompanied by an adult club member.
  6. No tracer, incendiary, or exploding rounds or targets are allowed on the range.
  7. Registered machine guns are allowed however no crew served weapon is allowed.
  8. No rifle caliber larger than .50 is allowed.
  9. The use of steel targets is only allowed at prescribed safe distance based on the caliber of the firearm being used. The closest distance is reserved for rimfire and is 25 yards from the benches.  The full rules regarding the use of steel is listed on the website as well as being posted under the cover at the outdoor range.
  10. Keep and eye out for wildlife as well as hikers that may appear down range.
  11. Communication on the range is key to maintaining safety. Members must be aware of other shooter’s location on the range before resuming shooting. If unsure of the whereabouts of another shooter that may be forward of the firing line (behind the berm specifically) they will go forward and verify.
  12. NO shooting from a holster.
  13. No movement with a loaded gun.
  14. NO shooting after dark.

Administrative rules:

  1. Always check the website prior to coming to the range. Any scheduled events will be listed on the calendar and any last-minute activities such as range maintenance will be on the announcement page on the home page of the website.  The grass is cut on Tuesday afternoons unless there is rain.  The make-up day for grass cutting is Thursday afternoon.  The range is closed during this time.  Maintenance and Schedules matches have priority and the range is closed to recreational shooting during those times.
  2. DO NOT drive through the fields. The club does not own this property surrounding the range and we must maintain a good relationship with the land owners and the farmers who lease the land.
  3. The 200 yard range is closed for half a day on Wednesday for member and F-class and long range practice. All shooting is done at 500 yards during this practice time.
  4. Always exhibit good sportsmanship and cooperation with other shooters.
  5. Lock the gate behind you when entering and exiting the range.
  6. Wear your membership card or have it accessible with your shooting equipment while using the range. No one may use the range without their membership card in their possession.
  7. Any member may politely request to see the membership card of anyone using the range. This is a great way to introduce yourself to other members of the club.
  8. Members must bring their own targets to the range. Members may use the military pit targets using the target backers in the storage locker inside the berm.  Make sure your vehicle is visible while setting up a target in the pits in case a member arrives while you are down range and cannot see you or your vehicle.
  9. Do not shoot diagonally across the range from one area to another.
  10. Clean up after yourself. This includes all target debris and other trash.  Do not leave any target stands or other items in the field.  Always leave the range cleaner than you found it. Police fired brass fired on the berms to prevent damage to the mower.
  11. If you encounter an unsafe action from another member politely inform them of your concern. If the member continues to exhibit an unsafe act do not escalate the situation but obtain the member’s name and report them to the Board of Directors.
  12. Members may use the 300- and 500-yard firing points if no other members are present at that time. If a member arrives while you are shooting at these distances, you have 30 minutes to complete your string of fire at that distance.  Once completed, everyone would then move up to the 200 yard line and set up their firing points.
  13. If you wish to shoot at a distance less than 200 yards you must move the target to your desired distance not the firing position.

Guest Policy:

Members may bring one (1) guest at a time to the range.  That guest must initiate their own membership if they wish to use the range again in the future.

Range courtesy and good sportsmanship is to be used at all times.

overhead view

Here you see an overhead view of our outdoor 200 yard rifle and pistol range just outside of Borden, IN.

The 2 white horizontal lines are sidewalks out to 100 yards for small bore rifle targets, and the 2 vertical stripes are the 25 and 50 yard target lines for pistol matches.

Our pistol range has been updated to accommodate 20 shooters at one time. The trail at the lower portion of the picture goes to the 200 yard target berms and the bunker where the target inserts are stored.

The small rectangle at the lower right corner is the cover over 5 concrete benches.

Come on out and shoot a match with us, or contact me for me information:

George Eberhardt  ebbie5313@gmail.com

Below you see through the covered benches down to the target area.

That is what the 200 yard target number boards look like with no magnification.

southern indiana rifle and pistol club - outdoor range

This is a picture showing an up-range view from the 25 yard line at the pistol range, clearly showing the turning target holders.

We currently have 20 turning target holders at the 25 yard line, with an option to add 2 more in a pinch.

Outdoor NRA Precision Pistol matches, previously called ‘2700 Matches’, are fired monthly during spring and summer months.

The Kentucky State Championship match is scheduled for the month of May.

Here is a bird’s eye view of the pistol range looking towards the turning target mounts at 25 yards and the stationary line at 50 yards.

This has now been updated to 20 positions at the 25 and 50 yard lines.

Indoor Range

The indoor range is located at: 5950 Gun Club Rd Georgetown, IN 47122 United States

The indoor range has 10 firing points with turning targets.  Our monthly meetings as well as other activities are held there.  Our monthly meetings are the first Wednesday of the month and begin at 7 pm.  The range is open on Wed and Friday evenings for plinking and indoor matches consisting the National Match Course. The 50 foot National Match Course (NMC) consists of 10 shots slow fire in 10 minutes, 10 shots in 2 strings of 5 shots each in 20 seconds with turning targets and 10 shots in 2 strings of 5 shots each in 10 seconds turning target.   You must be a member to shoot at the indoor range except all sanctioned matches are open to the public.

Other activities are: youth program, air rifle and air pistol matches and the CMP 50 foot Rimfire matches.

We also have a Meeting room where we hold our monthly meetings,  They are held on the first Wednesday of the month unless it is a holiday then we will put a notice in the previous months newsletter to advise of the new meeting date.  We also hold our M1 Garand CMP clinic and F class clinics here as well.




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