The outdoor range is located at: 17906 State Rd #60
Borden, IN 47106 United States  This is a view from the 300 yard line during a CMP Vintage Sniper match.

There is a creek to cross.It is usually very shallow, in the neighborhood of 4-6 inches deep, but it can rise quickly during a heavy rain event.  If you cannot see the bottom all of the way across, you should carefully consider NOT trying to cross.  Latest dated picture on home page.

Use careful judgment before crossing!

Outdoor Range Rules:

The Southern Indiana Rifle and Pistol Club is organized for the purpose of promoting and supporting competitive shooting. The club not only supports competitive, rifle and pistol shooting, but also makes its facilities available to the club membership for non-competitive shooting as well. The club does this by having its facilities available for club member use when they are not being used for organized competition or other club sponsored activity.

General range rules: Safety…Safety…Safety!

  1. No shooting is allowed when anyone is forward of the firing line. When multiple ranges are in use at the outdoor facility, all ranges must be made safe before anyone can go forward of any range firing line. This makes cooperation and communication between the various ranges a necessity. Anyone not following this rule will be subject to club discipline ranging from a reprimand to expulsion from the club.
  2. All firearms on all ranges must be in a safe condition before anyone proceeds downrange. A safe condition is described as follows. Bolts open on rifles, slides back on pistols, cylinders out on revolvers and an empty chamber indicator in the chamber. Magazines are to be out of the rifle or pistol; cartridges are to be removed from the cylinder of a revolver. All firearms are to be on the bench or ground. No firearm is to be handled in any way or for any reason while the range is in a safe condition.
  3. When all persons have returned behind the firing line or lines, the range officer or person in charge may declare the line hot. Then firearms may be handled in a safe manner.
  4. No shooting from a holster.
    1. No running or walking with a loaded firearm.
    2. No firearm is to be in a firing condition unless it is on the firing line and the command to load has been given. This includes all firearms! All actions must be open except when the firearm is on the line ready to be fired.
    3. No ammunition…using tracer, incendiary, or exploding bullets are to be used on any of the ranges.
    4. Nofiring of a firearm toward the firing line is permitted.
    5. Club members should clean up the area when shooting is completed. Members should take their trash with them off the range. Members should bring their own targets and target holders to the range when practicing, the club may have target holders available, and they may be used. When using your own target holders place them so that your bullets will not damage any of the range property such as the target number boards at two hundred yards. The dirt protects the turning target system on the pistol range. The storage shed is not a back stop either! No glass of any kind is to be used as targets on any of the ranges!
    6. You are allowed to bring ONE guest at a time and that guest One time. You are responsible for making sure your guest knows the rules before attending the range.

Range courtesy and good sportsmanship is to be used at all times.

overhead view

Here you see an overhead view of our outdoor 200 yard rifle and pistol range just outside of Borden, IN.

The 2 white horizontal lines are sidewalks out to 100 yards for small bore rifle targets, and the 2 vertical stripes are the 25 and 50 yard target lines for pistol matches.

Our pistol range has been updated to accommodate 20 shooters at one time. The trail at the lower portion of the picture goes to the 200 yard target berms and the bunker where the target inserts are stored.

The small rectangle at the lower right corner is the cover over 5 concrete benches.

Come on out and shoot a match with us, or contact me for me information:

George Eberhardt  ebbie5313@gmail.com

Below you see through the covered benches down to the target area.

That is what the 200 yard target number boards look like with no magnification.

southern indiana rifle and pistol club - outdoor range

This is a picture showing an up-range view from the 25 yard line at the pistol range, clearly showing the turning target holders.

We currently have 20 turning target holders at the 25 yard line, with an option to add 2 more in a pinch.

Outdoor NRA Precision Pistol matches, previously called ‘2700 Matches’, are fired monthly during spring and summer months.

The Kentucky State Championship match is scheduled for the month of May.

Here is a bird’s eye view of the pistol range looking towards the turning target mounts at 25 yards and the stationary line at 50 yards.

This has now been updated to 20 positions at the 25 and 50 yard lines.

Indoor Range

The indoor range is located at: 5950 Gun Club Rd Georgetown, IN 47122 United States

The indoor range has 10 firing points with turning targets.  Our monthly meetings as well as other activities are held there.  Our monthly meetings are the first Wednesday of the month and begin at 7 pm.  The range is open on Wed and Friday evenings for plinking and indoor matches consisting the National Match Course. The 50 foot National Match Course (NMC) consists of 10 shots slow fire in 10 minutes, 10 shots in 2 strings of 5 shots each in 20 seconds with turning targets and 10 shots in 2 strings of 5 shots each in 10 seconds turning target. The indoor Wed night firing may not done on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday during the summer months because the pistol team practices at the outdoor range on the 2nd and 4th Wed of the month, 4pm till dark.  You must be a member to shoot at the indoor range except all sanctioned matches are open to the public.

Other activities are: youth program, air rifle and air pistol matches and the CMP 50 foot Rimfire matches.

We also have a Meeting room where we hold our monthly meetings,  They are held on the first Wednesday of the month unless it is a holiday then we will put a notice in the previous months newsletter to advise of the new meeting date.  We also hold our M1 Garand CMP clinic and F class clinics here as well.




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