Note: on the website calendar the first CMP match listed will be shot first.


Match Contact: George Eberhardt – 502-724-8970

Each year, we start with a CMP M1 Garand and Military clinic to explain the Safety, course of fire, rifles used, scoring, shooting position and other items to help people to understand the program. You do not have to attend a clinic to shoot the matches. You do not have to be a club member to shoot a sanctioned match. This is a great place to start match-style shooting.  We especially encourage youth to come shoot.

Course of Fire: 35 round CMP match. 5 sighting shots in 5 minutes, 10 rounds prone in 10 minutes single load, 10 rounds rapid with a clip/magazine change in 80 seconds, and 10 rounds offhand in 10 minutes single load.

We have M1 Garand rifles to loan new shooters, but you must purchase ammo from us. It is $30 for 35 rounds to cover the match. You must contact the person below before the match if you need to borrow a rifle.

As-issued matches means any of the CMP games rifles are allowed. Examples include: 1903 & 1903A3 Springfield, Model 1917, or any foreign military manual-operated rifles. We will also allow the U. S. Modern Military rifles AR 15 and M1A. See CMP rules for details: 2023 CMP Games Rifle & Pistol Competition Rules

All matches are shot at the 200-yard line with the exception of the M1 Carbine (shot at 100 yards) and the Vintage Sniper Match (shot at the 300 and 500 yard lines).

Match Fees: $10 for members, $15 for nonmembers. Save $5 on your second match shot the same day.

CMP Match director George Eberhardt, 502-724-8970,

2023 CMP Games Match Schedule (All Match Dates Subject to Change):

February 25 – Spring Training Warm-Up (Non-Sanctioned CMP-style practice match)

March 18 – Match 1: As-Issued / Match 2: Vintage Sniper

April 23 – M1 As-issued/Sniper match

May 21 – Match 1: As-Issued / Match 2: Vintage Sniper

June 17 – Match 1: As-Issued / Match 2: As-Issued

July 15 – Match 1: As-Issued / Match 2: Vintage Sniper

August 19 – Match 1: As-Issued / Match 2: M1 Carbine

September 16 – Match 1: As-Issued / Match 2: Vintage Sniper

October 7 – Combined Ky. And In. M1 state championship followed by the combined,

State sniper match.

October 29 – Match 1: As-Issued / Match 2: Vintage Sniper

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