The Southern Indiana Rifle and Pistol Club was founded in 1941.  It presently operates in two locations.  The indoor pistol range is located in the Indian Creek Shooting Center, 5950 Gun Club Road, Georgetown, Indiana.  Bullseye Pistol matches are shot there on Wednesday and Friday nights, as well as Fun Matches’ that vary from week to week.  The first week of each month the ‘Fun Match’ is the rim fire rifle match. There are classifications for iron sights and scoped sited rifles. Another week there is a revolver match, and there is a ‘carry gun match’ on a different week. Additional shooting may be added soon.  Other shooting disciplines may be scheduled on different days on a once a month basis.

The outdoor range is near Borden, Indiana.  It is owned by the club and is open to the entire membership daily from sunrise till sunset.

Link to Map to Outdoor range

There is a creek to cross. It is usually very shallow, in the neighborhood of 4-6 inches deep, but it can rise quickly during a heavy rain event.  If you cannot see the bottom all of the way across, you should carefully consider NOT trying to cross.

During a scheduled match, the outdoor range is closed to other activities.  Due to the range layout, members must coordinate among themselves to safely shoot at the different positions.

In this picture, north is to the left side of the image. The smaller white rectangle at the right center of the picture is the covered bench firing area, and the longer white structure on the top right is the pistol and general shooting area.


Link to WDRB Interview, 2013