CMP .22 Rimfire Sporter Rifle Matches

When: March 25, 2018 starting at 0900

Saturday April 28

Saturday May 26

Match will be rescheduled

Saturday July 7

More dates to be added if there is enough interest.

Where: Southern Indiana Rifle and Pistol Club Indoor range

CMP rules 8.2.1 through 8.6.8 will apply.

Any .22 rifle in standard configuration will work. Two classes, open and optical.  Tactical sights will be included in optical class.  Rifles weight limited to 7.5 lbs. with scope. Rules used are in the 2018 rulebook posted online at CMP.  Limit 50 shooters.

Cost: $10 per person.  This is a CMP sanctioned match.

Preregistration required. Questions and register

Email George Eberhardt  or call 502-724-8970

50-foot CMP Sporter Match Info

Just a little info on our first CMP sanctioned sporter match. I am not going to cover all the rules but just the general.  This match is designed for anyone with a standard .22 caliber rifle to come shoot in a match style format. The rifle has to weigh less than 7.5 lbs. with the scope mounted on scoped rifles.  No fluted barrels.  The rifle has to have a magazine that will hold 5 rounds for the rapid-fire stages.  Any rimfire actions are allowed with standard stocks. Triggers must be at least 3 lbs. pull.  Spotting scopes are allowed. With that being said we will allow out of competition rifles that do not quite meet the rules if the line is not full.  If you shoot with an out of competition rifle you cannot win the match or achievement awards.  IF you have a question on if your rifle is legal just give me a call.  We will be a little flexible as we get started.  Course of fire is 10 rounds sighting shots followed by 10 rounds slow prone, 10 rounds rapid prone, 10 rounds slow sitting or kneeling, 10 rounds rapid sitting or kneeling, 10 rounds standing, and 10 rapid standing. We do not plan to weigh rifles or triggers unless the winning rifle is challenged.  We will have weights there if you want to weigh yours. Relay preference will be given if there is room on that relay.  Relay 1 starts at 9:00 and relays take about an hour and a half to shoot. 2 classes, open and optical.  Tactical sights will shoot in the optical class.  I am using the 2018 rules as a guide.  Questions, just give me a call.

George Eberhardt

502-724-8970 or