Southern Indiana Rifle & Pistol Club, Borden, Indiana

Where is the Club located?  The street address for the Club’s outdoor range is 17906 State Road 60 East, Borden, Indiana 47106   Map to Club’s Outdoor range

What sports are supported at the outdoor range?  The outdoor range is a very heavily used range. There is a match scheduled at least one day of almost every weekend during the spring, summer, and fall. But, that does not mean that you cannot shoot.  The matches are almost all finished by 2:30 or so. And, you are welcome to come and shoot the matches. We shoot the NRA High Power Rifle Matches, the CMP Vintage and Garand matches, as well as Precision Pistol matches with turning targets at 25 yards and fixed targets at 50 yards.  We also shoot the NRA F-Class and Mid-Range Prone rifle matches out to 500 yards. There are small bore rifle matches, as well as several Club specific Varmint type matches for center fire and rim fire rifles and pistols. We also shoot a black powder rifle varmint match late in the season.  Check out the different disciplines under the menu button ‘MATCHES AND EVENTS’

Must we shoot only organized matches? No. Casual shooting is also supported at out outdoor range. You must bring your own targets and target holders. Obviously, nothing that is ‘breakable’, such as glass of any type, or hard plastic is to be used as targets. Clay pigeons are allowed, but you should retrieve and remove the larger pieces. Remember to clean up after yourself.

Can I bring a guest or guests? Guests are welcome. Please, do not bring more at once than you can monitor. Members are responsible for the actions of their guests.

How do I get started in competition?  The easiest way to get started is to simply pick a discipline that you think that you might want to shoot and contact the Match Director. Ask for help, and you are started.  We have Club rifles to loan for the CMP Garand matches, and ammunition to purchase.