300 Yard M1A non-sanctioned Club  Match at the Southern Indiana Rifle & Pistol Club Outdoor range
Borden, IN
Saturday July 21, 2018 After the M1 Garand match
Match starts around 11:30

Saturday November 10, 2018 morning match

Gather at the pit area to help with target installation at 0845.
Registration opens at 0930 with first round down range at 1000.

Course of Fire:
All firing to be done from the 300 yard line following the CMP 30 round course of fire.

Prone, Slow Fire: Up to 5 rounds for sighters and 10 rounds for score in 15 minutes
Prone, Rapid Fire: 10 rounds in 70 seconds with a magazine change, from standing to prone
Offhand: 10 rounds for score in 10 minutes, from the offhand unsupported position

Equipment and Classes:
M1A Match:
Iron Sights and Any Sight classes will compete separately in the M1A match

Open Match:
Run what you brung and have a great time
No muzzle brakes
Any caliber up to .35

Pre-registration is appreciated.
Contact George Eberhardt via EMAIL or phone at 502-724-8970